Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Sunday!

What a frightfully fun time we had last night at Shelly's Images CDAC group!
It was great to meet and play with so many great folks!
We hope that you'll all come back and join us again very soon!!

We spent another BUSY day at the farm cutting down trees and hauling them (man I'm an expert wooden igloo maker after today), we shoveled the barn and mended fences, opened up a paddock and made 2 horses VERY happy with all the new growth they get to feast on.  Then we got to spend a bit of time chatting with my folks planning our mid-October maiden voyage with the 'lake-house'.
We also enjoyed a Michigan football win, a Michigan State football win and a Stanford football win today!
WINNERS all the way around!!

Today we're layin' low and putzing around the house.  Have a few projects here and there to finish up (and even some fun & crafty projects!!).
Be sure to join us tomorrow though at Shelly's Images for our Marvelous Monday Release!
Super cute and a perfect little image for Tricks & Treats this Halloween!

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