Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Monday!!!

Whew, how is it weekends go SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FFFFFFFAST - even when it's a 3 day weekend??

Friday we spent the day at my folks.  They had their "Lake House" pullin' truck delivered.  Now all we need to have done is the hitch installed and they're good to go where ever the wind takes them!  Or course, there were a ton more veggies we picked - about 5 pounds of beans and about 7 or 8 pounds of roma tomatoes (along with green onions and peppers).  Friday night was a late night - at 12:30 am I was baking a HOMEMADE Carrot Cake for my mom's birthday on Saturday and at 1:30 my hubby was cleaning the 9 pounds of ribs we planned to dine on Saturday evening with friends and family while cheering on the Maize and Blue.
We cheered them on all right - we cheered them on to a BIG win over the whining Irish. What a great game! We got to enjoy my niece and nephew Saturday too! Colin was so fun honking the horn with Uncle Glen when Michigan scored.
My Sweet Sucky-Thumb Niece
This is what we call "EXTREME BABY CLOSE-UP" at our house!!
My dad enjoyed the game, mom is now making super cute little felted pumpkins (I'll be sure to take a photo and show you.....yep, will be makin' some of those soon!).  Mom K got to snuggle with Natalie, Glen got to BBQ with his bro and I got to make twice baked potatoes that were super yummy with the help of Colin.  We had YUMMY viddles, great company.  After everyone left and we made our way through four loads of dishes, we had a few beverages with our neighbors - always a good laughin' time.

Sunday, Amy, Susan and the kiddos and I had a birthday lunch planned. We enjoyed lunch on the patio at Bar Louie (SUPER YUMMY Tuscan Chicken Pasta - mmmmmmmm!) and then played on the oversized food with the kids. It was the perfect way to wrap up a weekend - but it went WAY TOO FAST!!

My ROCKSTAR nephew at lunch on Sunday

A Happy Girl

Spending time with the Raz kiddos and mama was kind of bittersweet - we learned late last week that they are moving to California.  Daddy Raz was offered a terrific job opportunity, so the fam is packin' up and headed to Cali.  Of couse we're very sad to see them moving (especially THAT far away), but heck, it gives us a REASON to FINALLY visit California (hubby and I have never been).  So for now, we're spendin' as much time as we can with the kids and enjoying them here.

So, with all the entertaining, cooking, lunching, applesauce making and veggie pickin', you can understand why I haven't made it to my studio since Thursday......I'm hoping tonight after a little peach cannin' I can get a little scrappy therapy in.  And maybe, just maybe I can share a little somethin' crafty with you tomorrow?!  LOL
P.S.  Can I tell you I made the yummiest homemade applesauce last night - on a whim I picked up "Pink Lady" Apples the other day when I went to the grocery store.  Can you say AMAZING?!  If you've never tried them before - I STRONG recommend it!!  :)

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  1. Her eyes look soooo blue in the extreme close up. Love the rock star goofball. :)

    Thanks for a great weekend!



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