Sunday, May 30, 2010

Whew - what a good cause!

What a busy few days!  We've been crazy busy doing projects projects and more projects. 
Friday we stained the deck (most of it), picked up our veggie plants & herbs.  Saturday we finished staining the deck, planted all the veggies and herbs.  Today, we just got back a bit ago from my mom and dad's.  We worked on the deck, got the garden tilled up, sweated our butts off and enjoyed family and friends!  Whew!
I wanted to quickly share a great FREEBIE from Shelly's Images.  Shelly was kind enough to share a a terrific freebie with us.
Here's the super sassy card I put together.  LOVE just how SASSY this card is.
Paper Piecing - Zebra Print from Hobby Lobby; Pink Cardstock
Copics (Pink on shoes)
Embossing & Punching - Cuttlebug & EK Success
Extra Stuff - BLING; Ribbon, Doodling; Glaze on areas of shoes
Get on over to Shelly's Images Blog, pick up this cute freebie and show us how SASSY you can be! 
I wanted to share a little about where this card is going -
McKenzie is a young woman that had been diagnosed with MS.  You can read more about her story on Doodle Dragon Studios Blog.  This card is headed off as a bit of encouragement for this young girl.  And what teenage girl wouldn't be encouraged by a sassy pair of zebra heals?!
Join in if you can, I'm sure all the cards and encouraging words will bring smiles to this young girl!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back in the Studio Again!

I don't know about you, but this week between the weather warming up and the 'outdoor' projects, it seems like I'm seeing less and less of my studio......Sniff Sniff.....
So, my excuse today was that it was necessary for me to spend time in my studio downstairs for two reasons - ONE:  It was SO MUCH COOLER than the rest of the house and TWO:  I was trying to keep our lump of fur a bit cooler without us having to turn on the AC.  For some reason Gizmo just doesn't understand Basement = COOL, Rest of House = SWEAT YOUR FUR OFF!!

And of course, WHILE I was trying to keep Gizmo cool, it was only fitting that I worked on some scrappy projects!!  The big one - Ms. Bev's TTT Challenge that she posted over at Shelly's Images last Thursday.  I've had these adorable flip flops printed out for over a week and just haven't been able to get to them.  If you haven't figured it out - I LOVE FLIP FLOPS!!  My tooties often as myself in the middle of winter when we have 12" of snow, are wearing thick boots and dealing with -20* wind chills - "Self - WHY OH WHY do we live in Michigan?"  Self sometimes answers, "I have no stinkin' idea" (that's usually after a bad commute thru snow with bad drivers).  LOL  But then Spring arrives and my tooties are reunited with their long lost flip flops and all is right with the world.

Whew, talk about digression.  Anyway, you still have a little bit of time left to join us at Shelly's Images for Ms. Bev's Challenge yet - until 11:59 tonight.  And woudln't you know it, this card fits the Sew Many Challenges Anything Goes Challenge too!  I LOVE IT when I can play in two challenges at once!! 
Image - Shelly's Images Flip Flops
Paper - White Paper, White Paper & More White Paper
Technique - Magic Colored Pencil Technique
Cuttlebug - Embossing Background
Extra Stuff - Aridonack Pool Paint; Prima Flowers; Bling; Brads; Glittered Tulle; Computer Generated Sentiment
Stay turned TOMORROW for Audrey's TTT Challenge at Shelly's Images Blog.  I know she has something marvelous up her sleeve you won't want to miss!!  And even better yet - when you play with us over at Shelly's Images - you have the chance to WIN!!
Thanks so much for stopping by today - I hope you're enjoing the nearly summer weather!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

POT Crazy!

So my original plan to hang the pots might not have worked out as well as I was thinking it was.  With a little thinking and brainstorming with my hubby, I was on to Plan B.  Yesterday moved from Plan B to Plan C.
Turns out Plan C is just PERFECT and I'm absolutely CRAZY about the way it turned out.  I'll be even more CRAZY this weekend once I get the herbs in the pots!
So, this is my herb garden - what do you think?
Off to cool off and do a little scrappin'.  I think tomorrow we just may turn on the AC for a day or two - something about Hot AND Sticky makes me want to take a shower already! 
Though, I don't think I can really complain, unlike this lump of fur -
This is what we've been looking at since Saturday (sometimes it can be found laying with all four feet up in the air under the ceiling fan too).......Why this lump of fur doesn't go into the basement that is like 20* cooler, I'll never understand.  Poor guy, looks like he could use a hair cut and a Margarita, doesn't he?
Thanks so much for stopping by today -hopefully you're not melting in the sunshine and warm weather, and if you are, I hope you've got a nice cool beverage in your hot little hands.
Mine - a Strawberry Margarita.  Mmmmmm!

Tuesday Tutorial

If you haven't been by Shelly's Images today, stop by and check out the great Tutorials that Audrey posted. 
I LOVE my Cuttlebug and embossing with it and Audrey posted two great tutorials to use your embossing plates a little differently than usual.

Oh, and before I forget, if you're not a follower of the Shelly's Images Blog yet, once we get to 50 followers, we're going to give away some FREEBIES!

So, stop by and join the fun!!  You still have a chance to join us for this week's Bev's TTT Challenge too.
I'm hoping to post my entry tonight - I had to stop what I was doing last night and watch the series finale of '24'.  Anyone else watch it?  What did you think?

Be back tonight with some creativity!  It's supposed to be crazy hot today & the humidity is starting to creep in.  We haven't turned on the air yet, so I think the coolest place will be my studio tonight.  :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Where did the Weekend go?

So, we found ourselves home the entire weekend and yet, I got absolutely NOTHING crafty done.......While it rained a good part of the day Saturday and it would have been a perfect day for getting scrappy, Glen and I ended up hauling 30-25 gallon bags of wood chips to an area we've recently cleaned out in the back yard.  Whew.  Of course, the rain let up about the time we were ready to load the chips and the humidity kicked up.  UGH!  It looks terrific.  I'll be sure to take a photo once we get the flowers planted and the project finished.  We capped off our hard work Saturday night with a movie night - we FINALLY watched The Hangover.....yep, we've had the DVD since Christmas and finally cracked it open Saturday night!  'Bout time, huh?  Glen and I are still laughing!  :)
Yesterday I had a chance to spend some time with my favorite nephew and niece (and Amy and Susan too).  We enjoyed lunch at Stir Fry, taught my nephew how to get the sugary liquid out of the wax bottles (come on, you all remember the little wax shaped cola bottles with the sugar 'juice' inside them?  The ones you had to chew the wax to get to the juice?)  With a little trial & error, we figured it out (not sure Colin was super thrilled after all the time (and spitting wax into his napkin) it took to get to that small burst of 'juice'.  We also went with Colin to get his 'hair did'.
Aunt Min's Favorite Kidd-Os
Colin getting the hang of the wax 'juice' bottles - This is the spitting of the wax photo - LOL!
My Super Adorable Niece - LOVE those baby rolls!  (she was telling me a great story!) :)
Stylish Colin with his new spikey doo!
Here's a little nature photo we captured last evening - we have a family of birds that are living in the pine trees just off our deck - the babies have been in and out.  Here's the daddy (I think since he's a bit more brightly colored than the other bird we see ducking in and out of the nest).  He was singing and just as I went to snap the photo, he thought he needed to take off.  This is infact the bird that has been teasing our kitties like crazy.  He sits on the deck and sings - stays close enough he can hear them chattering.  It's actually quite funny to watch!
Don't mind the photo - tinkering a bit with my photo editing software.  :)
So, here's to some scrappy time tonight - we've got a few season finales and series finales on tap tonight- 24's series finale......sure hope it's good!  Hopefully I'll have a little SOMETHING to share tomorrow (or maybe even tonight).  I feel like a crafty slouch lately!
Oh, and before I forget, today is Marvelous Monday at Shelly's Images.  A lovely May Flowers new release digi-stamp has arrived today.  If you haven't been over to the blog today, be sure to stop by and take a gander.  The girlz on the DT have done a fabulous job with this new image!!  I hope to join them tonight with a little ditty!
Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bev's Terrifically Thrilling Thursday Challenge

If you haven't popped over to the Shelly's Image Blog yet this morning, it's a must!  Bev has got a TERRIFIC challenge for you today to get your creative juices flowin!!  Click here to see what she's got up her sleeve.  She's also included some AWESOME projects too!!
I haven't had much of a chance to tinker with this challenge yet today but hope to after I get home from work!  I'm countin' dwon the hours
Come join us - we had so much fun last week, you can only imagine how much fun we're going to have again this week!!
Can't wait to see what you all create!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This is just a quick photo of the terra cotta pots I've been working on for my herb garden. 
Nothing too exciting YET, but once I get them planted and hung on the deck - can you say FABULOUS?!
Because everything at our house is TROPICAL, our hanging pots needed to follow the same suit!  We both LOVE bright colors that remind us of our trips to the Caribbean & Tropics.
I used OUTDOOR paint (in the 2 oz. bottles) that you can find in JoAnn.  It's the Patio Paint Brand.  The turquoise is "BAHAMA BREEZE", the magenta is "FUSCHIA" and the Green (which took about 100 coats to cover the orange terra cotta color) is "BRIGHT LIME GREEN".
We both LOVE the way the colors turned out (Hope you don't mind the photo, I've been playing with the camera a bit).
The pots are the medium size terra cotta pots you can get at Joann - They were originally $1.99 each, but I picked them up on sale (I LOVE SALES!!).
We'll have 2 of each color on the deck.  If we have a bit more space, I think we'll add a bright orange into the mix.  Anyway, this is what I've been tinkering with.  These will actually be hung on our deck to save up some of the valuable deck space.  These pots will also have all our herbs in them this year.  I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT to get my herbs planted . . . . maybe even this weekend!!
There's nothing like fresh herbs in meals!
I'll be sure to show you the final product once we get them hung on the deck.
I'm not sure if I'll get any tinkering in today or not.  Dad has a procedure at 1 pm today that I'm headed off to, so I'm not sure what time I'll get home.  Of course I've got a bag of waiting room projects with me - 2 new James Patterson books (must finish one before I can start the 9th book in the Women's Club series).  A pair of felted slippers to finish (yep, working on Christmas projects already!) and a new market bag to start.  So, I'm sure SOMETHING will get done while we're waiting.  I'm not a sit and wait kind of person - gotta be doin' SOMETHING!
There are some neat-o challenges I've come across this week too that I'd like to give a try - when was the last time you made a monochromatic project?!
Yah, me too! :)
And even better yet, tomorrow is the TTT Challenge at Shelly's Images that I can't wait to give a try.  Bev's got something FABULOUS up her sleeve that you won't want to miss!!
You still have time to participate in this past week's TTT Challenge that Scrappy gave you - Anything Goes.  You can enter until midnight tonight to be eligible in the weekly free image drawing!
As always, thanks so much for stoppin' by today!  I hope you have a lovely 1/2 way to Friday Day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Marvelous Monday - New Release - Shelly's Images

Oh, can you say DAY LATE, DOLLAR SHORT!  Somehow I missed Marvelous Monday's New Release!!  ZOIKS!
Shelly's Images released a great new image yesterday - PERFECT for that special dad's Father's Day Card - "Yard work", or as I've affectionately named him "Lawn Mower Man".  :)  Heck, your kids could even give dad a coupon or two for "FREE LAWN MOWINGS".  Now wouldn't THAT be a FABULOUS Father's Day gift (if you're the receiver!!).
If you haven't been over to Shelly's Images blog yesterday or today, be sure to stop by!  Bev has the reins this week and today for Tutorial Tuesday has already posted a terrific tutorial - actually TWO terrific tutorials and some neat-o samples using the Yard work Image!
This is my sample using the new Yark Work Image - pretty cute, huh?
Image - Shelly's Images "Yard Work"
Papers - Miscellaneous from my Stash - ALL scraps!!
Technique - Magic Colored Pencil Technique
Embossing - Cuttlebug & Distressed Stripes
Extra Stuff - Flat backed BB's, Round Nesties; EK Success Punch, Doodling, Dimensionals & Computer Generated Sentiment
Thanks so much for stopping by today - I always love your comments and knowing you stopped by. 
It's a rainy, over-cast day today, but it sounds like the next three days after today it's sunshine and seventies!  WOO HOO!!
If I have a chance tonight I'll show you a little herb pot project I've been working on - it's still a work in progress, but super cool none the less - I can't WAIT to get my herbs planted!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

AMAZING Saturday!

Today was a great part of the weekend.  Glen and I spent the better part of the day and evening at my mom and dad's working on the deck and some lawn mowing.  Glen's mom joined us for the day too she and my mom worked on flower beds and killing LOTS of poison ivy!!  We did some horse shuffling in and out of pastures and even got to enjoy my dad's company for dinner.  While dad hasn't been able to eat anything since January, today was an AMAZING day - mom decided she was going to order pizza so we didn't have to cook tonight and who can go wrong with Jet's Pizza??  She and dad went to pick up the pizza while Glen, Lee and I finished the project we were working on.   Dad said the pizza smelled so good in the car on the way home, he was going to have to give it a try - we thougth he might just chew it a bit to let his taste buds enjoy it and maybe spit it out (I know, probably WAY TOO much info).  However, that was not the case - he ATE it AND - IT WAS A SUCCESS!!  I can't tell you just how much we were all beaming watching my dad enjoy the first food in MONTHS!
Doesn't he look happy with that Jet's Pizza box in his lap?!
Thanks so much for sharin' our excitement.
I'll share a little ditty I put together for my mom in law for her birthday.  We got to celebrate with her today which was nice.  :)
This little ditty is for Shelly's Images TTT Challenge - if you haven't stopped by, swing by and join us for this week's TTT Challenge - Scrappy's challenge this week was ANYTHING GOES!  You have until Wednesday at midnight EST to join us and the prize - free images from Shelly's Images!
Image - Bugaboo Stamps - WO Cupcake Tower
Paper - Yellow, Purple & Black - CS from my stash; Green swirl & Cupcake paper - from Hobby Lobby
Coloring - Prisma Markers & Copics (Still gettin' the hang of it)
Other STUFF - Tulle, Dimensionals, Stickles & Doodling
Thanks so much for stoppin' by today and for all the kind words and comments you all leave!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Happy Craftin'!

Friday, May 14, 2010

TTT Challenge

Be sure to pop over to Shelly's Images Blog and see what Scrappy our DT Sista In the House has up her sleeve for you today!!
I'm sure it's Inspiring, Creative, Crafty and FUN!!
Hugs & Happy Days!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All you need is LOVE!

I don't know about you but when I think of my hubby I get all oogly eyed, see hearts dancing around and have to smile (much like this 3 eyed monster above - not that I look like the 3 eyed monster above - though he's cute and all.......).
My husband is the most WONDERFUL hubby in the WORLD!!
With all the family 'stuff' that has been going to the past few months, he's been right there knee-deep in it all with me, my support, my parents support, my researcher, question thinker-upper, my partner in farm project crime and even my aloe applier (yep - EVERY TIME I get sunburnt!).
I'm so blessed!!  So, this morning when I left for work, I thougth I'd leave him a little note, just to let him know how much all that 'stuff' :) means!
This cute little stick couple reminds me of Glen and I - sitting in the sand watching the sun set!
Aren't they just adorable?!
Image - Bugaboo Stamps "A Kids View - LOVE"
Papers - Kraft, Turquoise, Maroon & Black Cardstock scraps
Technique - Markers (still gettin' the hang of the marker thing)
Punch - EK Success
Other STUFF - Studio G Stamps For the hearts on the background & the Sentiment; Aqua Ribbon from my stash, Dew Drop Turquoise Ink & VersaMark
And a great reminder that LOVE is all you need!!
Thanks so much for stoppin' by today.  Make sure you hug the important people in your life today!
Hugs & Happy Days!

Monday, May 10, 2010

It's another Marvelous Monday

over at Shelly's Images!!  Today the new release is a gorgeous pair of tulips.  I LOVE Tulips.  While mine are still TRYING to bloom, this new release from Shelly's Images is almost as perfect as the real thing.  It sure is as PRETTY as the real thing - unfortunately doesn't smell ike the real thing though - seems mine smells like some weird combination of paper and markers with a little glue thrown in - Go Figure!
This image was so pretty I just had to use it for our Mother's Day cards.
Both my mom and Glen's mom are MASTER Gardners - they can make ANYTHING GROW, so this was just PERFECT for them both!!

Papers - ALL from my STASH
Coloring Medium - Prisma Markers & Copics
Punch/Diecutting - EK Success & MS; Nesties
Extra Stuff - Tulle (my new FAVORITE thing); sentiment from Studio G Stamps; Doilies from M's; Bling & Doodling

Make sure you swing by the store TODAY (pssst, DISCOUNT today only) and don't forget to stop by Shelly's Images Blog too and see what a wonderful job my design team sistas did with this FABU image.
Scrappy is our DT host the week and she's sure to keep you entertained and INSPIRED!!
Happy Craftin' and have a MARVELOUS MONDAY!!
Hugs - Min

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Here's a mother's day card I can post today (the other two have to wait until tomorrow as they introduce a new release at Shelly's Images! :)
I always try & make a mom's day card from my nephew (and new niece now) for my friend Amy (who I'm sure will read this before the card arrives as my postal skills have been lacking this week).
Anyway, this is my nephew who loves dinosaurs, so these cute images from Doodle Dragon Studios seemed to be the perfect fit!
Images - Doodle Dragon Studios (2 dinos & background)
Technique - MCPT
Paper - Left-over Coredinations
Other Stuff - Stickles; Googley Eyes (OF COURSE); Fiskars Apron Punch; Computer Generated Sentiment; dimensionals to pop up 2 dinos & sentiment
The inside reads " To the most DINO-MITE Mom in the World!
So many things going on today - today is the deadline of th Twist & Sketch Crop for the big Crop prize.  Make sure you swing by Scrap-Friendzy and check out the Sketches the design team posted. 
Also, TOMORROW is Marvelous Monday at Shelly's Images Blog - be sure to stop by and see the new release - it's one I'm sure you'll LOVE!!  Plus, Scrappy is our DT host this week and she's got lots of GREAT things up her sleeve!!
Thank so much for stoppin' by today. 
I hope you're enjoying your mom - that's were we're headed this morning - to my mom & dad's.
Happy Craftin'!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fabulous Freebie Friday

Make sure you head over to Shelly's Images Blog and check out today's Freebie Friday post. 
Shelly's daughter Taylor has created a line of her own images that are part of the Kidz Korner.
A perfect line so your kiddos can create WITH you!!
This is one of Taylor's first images with a sentiment - Who wouldn't love Mr. Sunshine?!. 
Isn't it just adorable?  What kid (big or little) wouldn't enjoy using this sunshiney image on a card or layout?!
Image - Shelly's Images - Kidz Korner Mr. Sunshine & Sentiment
Papers - Printed/Flair Design (OLD paper from my stash)
Coredinations, Bo Bunny Dots & regular Cardstock
Technique - Coloring with Markers & Embossing (yep, TRYING my hand at using markers instead of my good ole Prisma Pencils......The jury is still out on this)
Extra Stuff - EK Success Punch; Embossing - Cuttlebug D'vine Swirl folder & Sizzix Celebrate folder; Ink; Googley Eyes; Tulle & Doodling
In the spirit of challenges, not only did I incorporate Marion's Terrifically Thrilling Thursday Sketch Challenge, but ALSO the Oh, Alice Chapter 11 Challenge that calls for creating something for a child. (I think Scrappy and her challenge combining MIGHT just be rubbing off on me!!) 
Pop over and check out the challenge.
Hope you have a Fabulous Friday!!
Happy Craftin' and Happy early Mother's Day to the all the special mom's out there!

A Birthday Wish!

Wishing my cousin Teri a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!
(this is my cousin who has the super cutie red head 1 year old that was in the layout earlier this week).
Papers - Miscellaneous Card Stock
Printed Papers - Papers from Hobby Lobby
Technique - MCPT
Miscellaneous - ZING Embossing Powder in LIME GREEN; Bling; Miscellaneous Stamps from my stash
TGIF & Happy Craftin'!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The TTT Challenge is Back!

Don't miss this week's Terrifically Thrilling Thursday Challenge #3 hosted by our Netherland Design Team Hostess with the Mostess, Miss Marion!
She's got a great Challenge for you this week - so be sure to swing by Shelly's Images Blog and check it out - the best part - FREE PRIZES for our winner - And if you don't play, you can't win!!!
I'm hoping to have the chance to play along tonight - I tried last night but the MOJO was MIA for some reason.....don't you just HATE when that happens???
Happy Craftin' today - hope to be back with more tonight!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Twist & Sketch" Crop at Scrap-Friendzy

I don't know about you, but every time I see "Twist & Sketch", I immediately start humming the song "Twist & Shout" - must have been all those years of listening to oldies on the radio with my dad.  :)

Today is day two of a week long Crop over at Scrap-Friendzy.  If you need a little motivation, or a way to kick-start your mojo, or heck, if all that's working fine and you just want to join us for a little fun, Scrap-Friendzy's "Twist & Sketch" Crop is the place to be!!

Each day two sketches will be posted and with each sketch there is a TWIST - hence the "Twist & Shout, er Sketch".  We've got great prizes and great girlfriendz to chat it up with. 

Sketch #3 is my sketch today - You'll have to visit us at Scrap-Friendzy to check out the sketch, but here's my take on it.  Can you guess what the TWIST is??

This sweet little red-head is my cousin Teri's baby girl.  She just turned one in March.  Isn't she just the sweetest?  I love when she sends photos, because I get to scrap them and send them back to her.  This one is no different.  Her birthday is coming up on Friday and this is part of a little birthday gift for her!  (Hopefully she's not reading this BEFORE her birthday - if so, SURPRISE!  lol).
Patterned Paper - Autumn Leaves
Paper - Kraft; Black, Lime Gree & Purple Coredinations stock
Cricut - Leafy Flourishes, PP box & Title
Jenny Bowlin - Grow Bingo Card
Making Memories - Journling spot
Prima Flowers
Miscellaneous Yellow Butterfly Felt Ribbon, Purple Tulle, Purple Bling Dots, White Doilie from Michaels Cake Aisle (amazing what you can find to use for scrapbooking), multiple punches -MS, EK Success & Fiskars, Black & White Doodling
Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today! 
Hopefully Twist & Shout won't be stuck in your head for too long today!  lol
Be sure to stop by Scrap-Friendzy and join in the fun - we're happy to have you. AND the sketches & twists can be incorporated into CARDS too if you're one of my card-makin' friends!
Off to my folks today to do some work - what a perfect day - 74* and Sunny! 
Happy Craftin'!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Marvelous Monday - New Release - Shelly's Images

Another Fabulously Marvelous Monday New Release at Shelly's Images.  You can see the terrific projects the design team has put together on our blog - what a talented group of girlz! 
If this image doesn't make you think about Summer, Summer Pool Parties, Summer Vacations and Summer Relaxin' I don't know what WILL!
Better Yet - today only you can get this image at a discounted price too!!
Marion is running this ship this week and has some MARVELOUS things in store for you - so don't miss out - be sure to check back all week!
Happy Craftin' as we roll thru Monday!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

At My Age...

So, I'm still on a mission to provide my dad with a chuckle here and there while he recovers before his surgery - hence this card.  Bugaboo Stamps always has some of the best images and sentiments.  FUNNY I tell ya!  Gotta love Gus - he goes with Stella.
The thing that makes me laugh about this card is when my hubby and I were in Aruba, there was this man in a bright orange what we call a 'banana hammock' (also known as a Speedo).  It was F-U-G-L-Y.  If I'm not mistaken, I believe he may have even ended up in one of our photos (BARF!) My hubby and I still laugh about that.  That's what this image of Gus made us think about.
Image - Bugaboo Stamps - Gus At My Age
Color Medium - Markers
Cuttlebug - Tiny Bubbles Embossing
Paper - All Stash 'tovers
Other Stuff - Googley Eyes, Dimensionals, Doodling & Studio G Stamps
Of course Mama Nature decided that a wash out this weekend would be the way to go, so we're off to get some stuff around the house done.  Maybe even a great dinner tonight!
Wishing you a happy day!
Happy Craftin'!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's the WEEKEND!

Wow, can you believe it's already May 1st?!
We were hoping to get to my mom and dad's today - grass is growing, fences need some attention - you know the usual stuff.  And while we had plans to do that today, good ole mama nature didn't cooperate!  But BOY was the sleeping good this morning listening to the rain and thunder!  My favorite sleeping condition!!
We did have a little break in the weather and our flowers are FINALLY blooming, so I thought I'd take a few photos - I love how they turned out and am hoping to use these photos on a card or two.
These line our sidewalk in the front of our house.
I hope your weekend is off to a great start.  We're keeping our fingers crossed for a little nature cooperation tomorrow.
Keep you eyes open too - Shelly's Images has a new release coming out Monday and our new Design Team will be showing off their stuff!
AND, if you dig sketches - over at Scrap-Friendzy, May 3-7 we're kicking off our "TWIST & SKETCH Crop"!  You won't be disappointed with the inspiration there!
Happy Weekend & Happy Craftin'!