Monday, December 28, 2009

Welcome to the After Christmas Edition....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  I know we had three days of celebrating Christmas with our families this year.  Lots of LATE nights/EARLY mornings - I'm not sure which it is when you go to bed at 3 AM.  It was wonderful spending time with our families.
This year I think I mentioned, everyone was getting felted slippers for Christmas - it's a joke between my dad and I every year (we have a few jokes - including $10, but that's a story for another day!).  Every year about September, my dad has worn holes in the bottoms of his wool slippers, regardless of how thick I make the soles.  Sure I could get suede bottoms to sew on these slippers, but a new pair of slippers every year is our joke.  :o)  Anyway, I ended up making 25 pair of slippers (yep, 50 slippers total). 
This is Glen's Uncle Stash showing off his new head mitten, er, slippers.

This year in addition to the big people's slippers, I wanted to find a pattern for the little people in our family - the kids.  And amazingly enough, I DID find a pattern, and it's nearly identical to the big peoples pattern but knits up A LOT FASTER!!!
I had to show you just how cute these little peoples slippers turn out.
This is Gizmo helping me knit the slippers up - - -

And these are the slippers BEFORE they're felted. 

When Colin gets his slippers on Saturday, Amy will felt them to fit him perfectly.
They are just WAY TO CUTE, aren't they?
Well, hopefully tomorrow I'll have a chance to get back into my studio and do some creating - I spent yesterday cleaning up after Hurricane Min that went thru my studio at Christmas.  I was amazed at some of the items I unearthed!! :o)
We're gearing up over at Scrap-Friendzy for the Super Sketch A-Thon that begins on New Years Day!
Make sure you take a few minutes to stop by & be inspired!
I hope you're getting some crafty time now that the holiday craziness has lessened.
Happy Craftin'!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Family Tradition

When we were growing up, I remember my mom always making nut rolls at Christmas.  She'd make three.  Half would go home with my grandpa and grandma - they were my grandpa's FAVORITE treat.  The other half my mom would keep and we'd have on Christmas Eve after Church service.
My grandpa has been gone for 13 years this past August and it's been that long since we've had his favorite nut rolls.  So, this year I decided to bring back the family tradition, but to include my in-laws into the tradition.
So, this was one of the beauties I baked up yesterday.  I had to smile.  My mom gave me the recipe that Aunt Irene had written out for her - it was the original recipe, splashed with ingredients after making the recipe for so many years.  I love getting recipes like this!  A recipe that has a story.  In reading through it, I actually had to do some research - anyone know what 2 cakes yeast are?!  Now, we cook quite a bit, we make bread on a pretty regular basis I make dozens of cookies throughout the year and we'd NEVER heard of 2 cakes yeast.  Well, thanks to my hubby and his quick skills, we learned that 2 cakes yeast are equilivent to 3 - 1/4 oz. yeast packets or 6 3/4 teaspoons of dry yeast. 
You learn something new every day, don't you?
Doesn't this look yummy?
If you've never had a nut roll before, it's a yeasty bread dough rolled like a jelly roll and the filling is a combination of ground walnuts, brown sugar, white sugar, honey, butter and milk (and no joke, that's about what the directions provided as far as ingredients for the filling - there were NO measurements).
My apologies for the not so attractive looking baking sheet.  Ever have one of those go to pans or baking sheets that you KNOW how everything will turn out that you cook on it, in it?  Well, that's my baking sheet.  My mom in law was kind enough to get me a few new sheets, but this one just seems to be the one everything gets baked on.
Well, this afternoon we'll be delivering the other two nut rolls to both my mom and dad and Glen's mom and dad when we get together for Christmas Eve Dinner.  I had to have a little sample (you know, quality control!), and they're not quite as good as what my mom made, but pretty darn close.  With a few years of practice, they just might be.
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my other blog readers that may not necessarily celebrate the Christmas Holiday!
Wishing you a time of enjoyment with your families and friends!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 Days until Christmas!

Can you believe it?!  I'm typing to you today with the 'knitting claw' hands.  I've been knitting felted slippers since we finished our Christmas cards (Actually since September).  By the time Christmas comes and goes, I will have knitted 25 pair of slippers.  Can you believe it?  That's a lot of WARM, TOASTY Piggies.  I was so excited a few weeks ago to find a pattern identical to the one I use for big kids (adults) 'foot mittens' as the Pearson kids calle them, but this pattern was for little kids.  And they are just way too cute!! 
Anyway, yesterday I got up early (weird body clock, can't let me sleep in while on vacation).  So, I headed to my studio to finish off these little beauties for a few of the little kids in our family.  They're the mini-glass blocks (about 5" square).  I have two more to do, but I'm still designing them for my nephew and his new baby sister arriving February 2010.  :) 

The boys blocks (The Tractor and the Football) both have Brown Grosegrain Ribbon wrapping the block (can't see 2 boys who like tractors and football wanting ANYTHING to do with BOWS!!!).  The girls blocks however, HAD to have bows!!!
All vinyl cuts were designed in Cricut DS and cut with the cricut.
Carts - George, Every Day Paper Dolls, Life's a Beach, Paper Dolls, Sports Mania and Zooballoo (I think that's it).
Ribbon - from my stash (usually either from Michaels or Joann)
Lights - string of 35 or string of 50 (Hobby Lobby or Target - Targets were cheaper for 50 than HL was for 35).
Vinyl - from my stash, originally purchased last winter when Lowes was getting rid of their wall pops
Glass Blocks - Mini's from Michaels, but I've also seen them at Joann and multiple sizes at Hobby Lobby.  I think Lowes carries the larger ones pre drilled around the holidays too for a lot less in cost than M's does.  Take your coupons if you're headed to the craft stores to purchase them........

So, that was yesterday's project before Christmas.  I have one more pair of slippers to finish and some nut rolls to make today, so wish me luck.  Hopefully I can get the rest of the gift wrapping done at some point today too.  Oh, and I've got a chipboard album I need to finish too.  Whew, guess I'd better get movin'!
Happy 2 Days Before Christmas!!
Happy Craftin' and Holiday Enjoyin'!
Hugs - Min

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hallelujah! (Insert Singing Angels HERE!!)  
Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah! Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!
The Christmas Cards are DONE!!!
It was an absolute HEAVENLY moment today at lunch when I inserted 100 of these little babies into the mail slot at the post office!
I was doing the singing!!!
So, I guess I'll show you the Christmas cards we've been working on for the last three weeks - hopefully not too many folks who are actually getting one in the mail see them before they arrive in their mailboxes.
I really don't think the photo does the card justice.  They're so cute in person (and shakey shakey in person too with the glitter & microbeads in the globe!)
Image - Penny Black: Warm & Cold! Snowman
Techniques:  Magic Colored Pencil Technique
Cricut Cuts - George (circles for snow globe), Joys of the Season (snow globe)
Cuttlebug - Swiss Dots Embossing folder
Snowflake Paper - Digi-paper from Summertime Designs (Giving kit - Summertime Designs - She has awesome free digi-stuff - be sure to check out her blog!)
Other papers:  Bazzill Silver & White, Gold paper from JoAnns, Red & White Cardstock from my stash & Page protectors for the glass part of the snow globe (worked like a CHARM!!)
Miscellaneous - Stickles, Flat Back Red Bling for snowman buttons, MS Micro-beads in clear, MS Tinsel glitter (both MS products are the 'snow' inside the globe), Studio G 'Let It Snow' stamp and Dimensionals for 'snow' part of the globe.
Thank you so much for stopping by today!  I know how crazy everything is getting with only 7 days until Santa arrives.  Feeling stressed yet?! 
I'm so glad that tomorrow is my last day for the year so I can really work on getting everything for Christmas wrapped up.  I have Glass Blocks and Slippers calling my name.
Happy Craftin'!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Viewable Productivity AT LAST!!!

Yikes, I've been a terrible blogger this month!!  Between Christmas Decorating, Cookie Exchanging, Chocolate Making, Christmas Card Making and Shopping, I'm so confused, I don't know if I found my rope or lost my horse! (my mom in law finds some of the funniest sayings!!) 
While the Christmas cards aren't quite finished (My mission is to get them in the mail THURSDAY!!!), and because we did the cookie exchange on Sunday and I made 20 dozen (Yes, 20 dozen) cookie Saturday, I don't have much to show for in way of productivity (except a counter FULL of cookies & home made to be packaged and given away!). :o)
I did however complete a project my mom had left at Thanksgiving.  My mom is super creative and talented, she doesn't scrapbook, but she sews and knits like nobody's business.  After all the projects she's seen me do with my trusty Cricut (I think I really need to give it a name), she sees stuff and thinks of what I can do with my Cricut to add to it.
Well, this project was just like that.  She found these fun signs at Tractor Supply and brought them to me for personalization.  They're these neat wooden signs with a 3-D fence, snowman and horse with acutal cloth clothing/saddle.  A great find!
Didn't they turn out cute?? (I did the 'The Kwiatkowskis and The Colbys' part, not the Merry Christmas or Let it Snow).
There were a few others I did, but because they're Christmas gifts, I'll keep those a secret. :o)
Cricut Carts - Storybook Cart & Lyrical Letters
Well, off to work on more Christmas Cards - we only have 1 more day to get them finished before they need to go into the mail!!!
As always, thank you so much for stopping by today!  If your life is anything like mine during the holidays (crazy CRAZY and C-R-A-Z-Y), I understand how time is a valuable commodity. 
I so happy you spent some of your valuable time with me!
Tis the Season to be Jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la! (yep, dusted off the piano music today).
Happy Craftin'!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm A Winner!!

I remember growing up we learned, "It's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game." or "Everyone is a winner."  Well yesterday I found out I was a WINNER (I already know I'm a winner :o), but thanks to Kelly and her fabulous blog candy, I'm a winner!!

If you've never been to Kelly's blog, be prepared to be INSPIRED!  She makes some of the most fabulous cards!  I look forward to stopping by to see what's she's created each day.  She's been on a roll with Christmas cards for her Daughter-in-law, so if you need some Christmas Card inspiration, or just super cute card inspiration, check it out!

So, click on over to Kreative Korner by Kelly.

Thank you again Kelly for the great blog candy and wonderful daily inspiration!!! 
Happy Craftin'!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cooking + Crafting + Gift Giving = Happiness

Since I met my husband, I found a love in cooking.  We both love to cook.  He makes some amazing food - for instance, this past Saturday when we had our Turkey Day After Dinner, he and his brother made the most FABULOUS beef tenderloin.  I usually like my beef medium well or well -  I'm not a big fan of pink, or red and mooing.  Well, I had my first medium tenderloin this weekend with a fabulous horseradish sauce he made.  Can you say YUMMO!?

When I was single, my family joked that my idea of cooking was 6 minutes on high (I could boil water and make the pasta in a bag!!)  Both my mom and mother in law are WONDERFUL cooks, so I've had two great ladies to learn from.  I LOVE recipe books, recipe magazines and some fabulous recipe sites I've found.

So imagine my elation when I found this website - it combines my love for cooking with gift giving and crafting.  Our Best Bites.  Can you say FABULOUS!!

If you have time, check it out!!
Happy Craftin'!