Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Tutorial in Coloring....

Happy Hump Day All!  I hope it's a good one!

With some of the neat "Silouettes" digis from Bugaboo Stamps, I thought I'd give you a quick crash course in recoloring the black and white version to making it the color you want.  I mostly use the free GIMP download for this, but there is also a simplier way if you're a bit apprehensive about trying photo/design editing software - Microsoft Publiser.
I BELIEVE you may be able to do something similar with MS Word also, but I have not personally tried it.

Ready?  Set?  LEARN!
(You can click on the images below to make them larger and better read the commentary along the right side of the frame.)

Open a NEW page and Insert the digi you wish to recolor - this is PERFECT for the Bugaboo Stamps "Silouettes" digis.
Left Click on the image and then right click to get the drop down menu.
You'll highlight "FORMAT PICTURE"

 This will be he next pop-up sreen you will get - click on the "RECOLOR" button.
 Click on the Color Box with te aarow and it wll give ou a "Color Picker Box" (yep, that's a technical term! =)
Choose your color and then click OK - you can choose a Standard Color or you can Customize your color - up to you - but THIS is the pop up bx you do it in.

Be sure to click OK once it show you the clor.  You'll click OK on the Format Picture bo also and it should turn your pic the color you picked.

After you've clicked OK and the pop up boxes have gone away, this is what you will be left with - all you have to do is print and attach to your project now.
This is a card I did some time ago and I just LOVE how it turned out -
This however was colored using GIMP.

Image - Bugaboo Stamps - "Silhouttes" Collection "Elephant" image
I hope this tutorial has helped you today - please feel free to leave me a comment if you liked this tutorial, if it helped you, if you have questions or if you flat out hated it.  I love your input!!
Hugs & Happy Days!

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  1. This is a great tutorial - I know you guys post them every week - I really need to make the time to actually do one as you teach us so much! Jx


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