Monday, February 6, 2012

Can you say Minky?

Okay, so I don't sew, I don't pretend I sew and I don't pretend to be a sew-er (not sewer) even on TV.
But, YESTERDAY, my mom and honorary G-Ma came over to watch the Super Bowl, Graze and work on Minky Blankets.
What is minky?
It comes in this little box that you see on the table - in strips that are about 4 or 5 inches wide and about 70 inches long and FEELS like HEAVEN!!!  The softest fabric I have EVER felt in my life.
So, my mom and my G-Ma being sewing queens, and I being a sewing jester, or sewing comedy of errors, set out to work on what will be an amazing blanket, while sniffing spray glue fumes in our basement, topped with 'homemade' cranberry orange muffins and champagne (great combination, huh?)
This is how we started it....
And THIS is it JUST ABOUT FINISHED.....the only finishing touch - the black minky binding and it will be ready to curl up on the couch with.  The backside is a solid caramel color.
Isn't it AMAZING??
Yep, this is my new FAVORITE blanket and I just had to share - and heck, I even HELPED sew it!
Yep, wonders NEVER cease! =)
Hugs & Happy Days!

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