Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A little Grin

While I don't have anything crafty for you today, I thought I'd share with you something that gave us all a grin the other day.
With everything that's been going on with my dad and now the newest finding and not knowing our next steps or plan of action quite yet, we continue to try & keep things in our family light with all the heavy we're dealing with.

There's a store near my mom and dad's place called Tractor Supply (some of you KNOW what I'm talkin' about) that has EVERYTHING you could possibly need for the farm - even if you're not a farm person, YOU would have fun wandering thru this store!

LIP JUNK is something we don't skimp on either on the farm.
My mom found this last week and we're STILL laughing about it.
Insert EWWWWWW here, but it's pretty freakin' funny, don't you think?? 
The lip balm is pretty good stuff too! 
Yep, insert big EWWWWWWWW here.   :D
Hope you enjoyed today's grin. 
If you're lookin' for a little tutorial today, stop over to Paul's blog today and see what kind of neat-o stuff he's gonna be teachin' you to do today!

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