Monday, October 18, 2010

Gettin' Back In The Groove

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We certainly did.  We took a MUCH deserved trip with my mom and dad in the "Lake House" to Tawas Michigan.  It's been years since we've camped in an RV or 5th wheel trailer.  After dad's diagnosis, we've all been looking forward to this trip (and a trip to Aruba sometime soon).
While I don't have any projects to share with you today, I thought I'd share some photos that we took this weekend.  We took a bunch, but I'll just share a few with you.

These few are when we got to our campsite and were getting things set up. 
 My wonderful hubby, ducking before we put the awning up - yep, we're a bunch of shorties and my hubby is 6'5" or so.
This was the Tawas Point Lighthouse - just up the beach from where we stayed this weekend. Glen and I walked the beach on Friday afternoon once we got to the park and got set up.
A different angle of the light house
We just love the sunset photos we too (I must have snapped 30 photos and they're all just gorgeous).  It's hard to pick our favorite, but I think this one is pretty close to our favorite.  :)  This was one of my favorite from Saturday evening.  That spot on the beach - it's actually the sun reflecting - not a bon fire.  Gorgeous, huh?
We too more photos today, but on mom and dad's camera, so hopefully next weekend I'll have a few of those.  We walked the beach on the opposite side of the point, actually went up to the light house, took some photos and just had a nice morning wrapping up a terrific weekend.
I'll be back a bit later - there's lots of great things going on today that I don't want you to miss.
Happy Hauntin' n' Craftin' Too!


  1. Min it looks like a fabulous time and a great weekend. I love the pumpkin decoration! :)

    It is so great to see your Dad enjoying himself so much. What a blessing that is!

  2. God bless your Daddy, Min! :D MWAH!

  3. Awesome pictures Min. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I'm so happy to hear that your dad was up to the trip. He's looking good!


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