Monday, February 16, 2009

Welcome to The Jungle

Here was another of the projects from this past weekend's Scrap-Friendzy Scrap weekend - The Challenge was to Alter a Heart Shaped Box (or alter a box of some sort). I'd picked up a few paper mache/chipboard type boxes some time ago (another item in my stash) and so this weekend I decided to alter these to fit right in to my studio!
Hence the Jungle Animal printed papers.
And just to give you an better idea of how these will fit in with my studio if you haven't had the chance to see my creatively chaotic mess in person (count your blessings) - here's a photo (I had to take a new photo as there was no way possible I could share the last photo I took of it at Christmas time - not that this one is much better!!) Complete with Jaba the Crafting Cat (with the creepy glowing eyes)!The tiger eyes painting on the wall was done by my mom - a lady of many, many talents! And my Jungle leaf border was done by my wonderful Mom in Law and I.
Well, that's all for today. I have a few cards I'd like to get finished tonight for birthdays & get wells. With today being President's day, it threw me off a bit as I had several cards that needed to be mailed but because they're ~square~ they need an extra 20 cents postage. No can do when the post office is closed. DOH!
Happy Craftin'!

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