Monday, February 9, 2009


That's what we were today! So, I was getting sick of DIGGING through my ink basket looking for chalk & inks to use for projects. So, Sunday morning while I was doing laundry, I thought about magnetizing my ink pads and attaching them to a cookie sheet on the side of my cabinet within reach of my work space. However, the magnets I picked up for some reason didn't like any of the cookie sheets I had that the kitchen was willing to part with. So, Glen had a great idea - a piece of sheet metal or flashing. And what do you know - a crafty girl in Home Depot, trying to explain what I needed a sheet of flashing for.......and this is what we ended up with -
The final product - BRILLIANT!
Happy Craftin'


  1. OMG!! What a great idea!!! You've got to share this on Scrap-Friendzy!!!

  2. That's an awesome idea Min! I'm going to need to start organizing my office / craft space before things get out of control (or in a puppy's mouth!):o) Thanks for sharing! Susan


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