Monday, August 22, 2011

We're BACK......

Oh my goodness what an AMAZING time we had in Punta Cana!!!  It's been AGES since we've had time together to just SIT on the BEACH and RELAX. 
(We had to look that word up in the dictionary just to see what it meant and HOW to do it!) 
Our resort was just Incredible!
We had an couples massage - It was so EXTRAORDINARY that we were absolutely speechless and spent the rest of the day floating on the lazy river in the pool on rafts like silly putty.  We ATE our way through EVERY restaurant at both the Royal Beach AND Now Larimer (both FANTASTIC resorts).  We were partial to La Riviera for breakfast where Glen had his very own Omlette Artist, Jose; Spice, the Asian restaurant where they do the Tepanyaki cooking on the grill in front of you - this is where we celebrated our 8th Anniversary with dinner and Mercure, a French Restaurant where you could eat a terrific filet - the filets were magnificent there - I took photos one night so will be sure to share with you . . . .   DRANK an absurd amount of tropical beverages that included umbrellas and names that make you smile just hearing them.  The best part - the SAND between our toes and the CRASHING of the waves on the beach.  Walked MILES and MILES of White Sandy Beach - our toes loving EVERY step.  And we even watched the sun rise over the turquoise waters that went on forever a few mornings. 

Sigh....well, here we are back to reality--So of course, after relaxing, we've come home with two suitcases full of laundry that needs washing before heading back to work.  UGH!  However, our furbabies are pretty darn happy to have us home (but they DID have a great time with grams takin' care of them)!  We've had permenant shadows since we walked in the door.

I thought I'd share a quick photo (will be sure to share more when I have a chance to get them uploaded this week - I went a bit PHOTO crazy on this trip....and Video crazy too!!). 
This is a sunrise we caught one morning - just fabulous!!
THIS is why I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE our new camera!  =)
Hugs & Happ Days!


  1. Beautiful pic! Sounds like a fantastic time! I'm super jealous - me and my hubby are like you....don't know quite what "relax" means! lol! Maybe I'll have to read him your post for some vacation inspiration!

  2. Looks like paradise! Glad you had a relaxing vacation! Welcome home!

  3. Good to see you're back! Would love to hear more about your amazing time! :o) Susan


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