Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some Vacation Photos

Hey there - as promised - here are a few more photos from our vacation - I'm attempting to get a video or two downloaded that we took, but no such luck yet.  But photos, we got photos! =)

Of course, still rying to get caught up from being on vacation, so things are still kind of crazy at our house.
Maybe things will slow down this weekend??  HA!

WARNING - I did a TON of playing with our camera on vacation, so my aplogies if the photos look weird or odd in any way.  Yep, that's the disclaimer for the day.
Our Home away from Home in Punta Cana - FABULOUS colors!!!

My Hubby & I in our Tie Dye on the beach! =)

Evening view from under our umbrella in The Plaza listening to the band

 Panaramic view from our room (can I tell you how much I love the panaramic feature on the camera?!)

Elvis is ALIVE & WELL in Punta Cana (this was our Anniversary evening entertainment) =)

 Panaramic view of the Ocean Sunrise - it was AMAZING!

 Sunrise on the beach looking at our resort

Love this sunrise photo with the palm trees and the moon in the background

Sunrise on the beach (love the shadow of Glen and I together - kind of neat) =)

Sunrise on the beach

 Toes in the sand - an EVERY TRIP photo =)

 Dinner at Mercure - YUMMO! (yep, took photos of lots of food on this trip!) =)

Playing with the no flash, no tripod 'night vision' setting our first night.  =)

 Part of the lazy river pool

Evening ambiance while listening to a live band one evening (yep, more tinkering with the settings)

 Our every morning view while enjoying breakfast

So, those are some of the photos we snapped that I thought I'd share. 
I hope you enjoyed the little snippets of our vacation! =)
Hugs & Happy Days!


  1. aaaah....that looks like a little slice of heaven. So glad that you had a great time. You both were long overdue for some fantastic moments and memories together.


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