Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Short Week.....

and progress to boot! 
We had yesterday off from work to celebrate Veterans Day.  Go figure, even though Veterans Day was this past Wednesday, the company I work for celebrates it after the fact - it is called 'Deer Hunting Day'.  We still celebrate Veterans Day at our house on the actual day as both of our dad's were in the service and we are so thankful for our Veterans AND our Soldiers!!!
Okay, so on that 'Deer Hunting Day' thought - Let me attempt to paint a picture for you - I grew up in a small town that actually has what they call a 'Buck Pole' at the local sporting goods store (a little town sporting good store).  All the locals on the first day of rifle hunting season that have gone out hunting and 'bagged a buck' brings their deer to the 'sporting goods store' and they all admire who got the biggest one......hmmmmm, sounds like a guy thing, doesn't it? 
Please let me remind you, we don't hunt, we feed bambi, we don't eat him (not that there is anything wrong with hunting if you do and use the meat).  I grew up in Hicksville USA, and this event each year made the front page of our local weekly paper.  It is BIG news, every year!  My dad used to go 'hunting' though it was more hanging out with his buddies, playing cards and drinking......just ask my mom about the year she packed his extra socks in his gun case and he never found them........
I digress.....be prepared for another one. . . . . right about NOW!  So, we both had the day off and a list of things we wanted to check off - we're getting ready for two Thanksgiving dinners next week, so a trip to Costco was a given yesterday.  I usually go, run in, get what we need and run out.  Well, yesterday we spent 2 1/2 hours wandering through.  It was time well spent, we got what we needed and a few 'extras'.  Believe it or not, there is a crafty reason I'm telling you about our Costco trip :) I have some new 'lighting' news to share. 
My studio is in our finished basement.  No natural light.  Several years ago, before I got back into scrapbooking and was cross stitching till my eyes crossed, my folks got me an Ott-light for Christmas one year.  I love the light it gives off.  Anyway, in my studio, I have three can lights in the ceiling and up until this point, I've been using your standard light bulbs.  Yep, the ones that kind of give off the yellow kind of hue.  Well, in our wandering at Costco, we found a 6 pack of the 'daylight' light bulbs (energy savers too).  Can I just tell you HOLY COW, what a difference?!  Even Glen was completely blown away by just the difference in lighting!  You know you're getting 'old' when you get excited about lightbulbs!  HA HA! :oD
I can't wait to get back into my studio tonight!!
Okay, now that I've blah blah blahed your ear off, I want to share with you a little quickie I put together last night for my nephew for Thanksgiving (with my new lights).  I love making cards for my nephew Colin.  From the stories I hear from his mom, he always gets a kick out of 'reading' them (he's 4).  Anyway, when I saw this Turkey on a Scooter, it seemed like a perfect 4 year old Turkey card!
I used the Scrap-Friendzy "Thanksgiving Recipe Challenge."  We had a list of items we could use and we had to pick 5.  I used:  Twine, Patterned Paper, Buttons, Embossing & Distressing.
Papers:  Leaf print - Hobby Lobby, Brown, Rust & Green from my scrap stash
Image:  High Hopes Stamps (I stamped him and then enlarged him)
Technique:  Magic Colored Pencil Technique
Cuttlebug:  Argyle Embossing Folder
Miscellaneous:  Stickles - Diamond & Silver, Twine, Colorbox Olive Ink, Buttons from the button box
Thanks so much for stopping by and being patient with my yakkin' today!
I hope you're having a wonderful day!
Happy Craftin'!


  1. Oh that's sooooo cute Min !!

    Hugs Monique

  2. Your story was TOO FUNNY!! And I love this stamp - my 2 DGSs would LOVE it! I sure wish you could scan the image and send it to me - could ya', would ya'?? if not, don't worry, that's a lot of work!

    BTW, I too tried those lights in my den lamps and I hated tham - not bright enough to read by - I must have gotten the wrong ones 'cause it sounds like yours are perfect! I'll try again!


  3. Funny! By all means, yak away :) Love the card. ~Hugs and Happiness, Lynn


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