Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Favorite "Smart Cup" & Water Bottle

So anyone who is close to me knows that AT LEAST once a week, I'm referred to by SOMEONE I know & love as GRACE (usually my hubby), because most days, I have NONE!!

I'm notorious for spilling glasses of things - water, iced tea, you name it, if it's in a glass, likely it's goin' over at some point.  After trying to figure out where I got this trait, I realized it's from my daddy!  When I worked for him in college, you could always tell if he sat at your desk with a cup of coffee, because there was always a COFFEE RING around the calendar.  =)  Great Daddy Memories!

So, imagine my ELATION when I found my new FAVORITE "Smart Cup" from Tervis Tumblers - last summer.  These cups are double insulated, can be used for hot OR cold beverages (think margaritas..... after work).
The cool thing - they're 
Add a Travel Lid - which is a must when your nickname is Gracie and a straw and you're good to go!
This is the BEST cup I've found and used EVER!
They don't sweat because they're double insulated (which is HUGE with the amount of iced tea I consume).
My hubby even got in on the act!
These were AWESOME - Glen and I BOTH took them with us when we went to the Dominican last summer and THEY ROCKED!!!

The reason I'm telling you about my find is because they now have these AWESOME Water Bottles!!
AND, did I mention they're MADE IN THE USA
This little sucker is on it's way to our house - personalized with The Kaymin Kantina =)
Take a second and check out this company - their products are awesome - I don't have a single complaint about them (just ask everyone in my family that has received one of these 'smart cups' in the last 12 months) and they have a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their products.  
Find me a company that does THAT in this day in age!

Originally I found these cups at Bed Bath & Beyond, but their selection wasn't as wide as what the website has to offer.

Okay, that's my product promotion for the day.
Hugs & Happy Days!

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  1. Thanks for this post. I am always on the lookout for products made in the USA. :) Just realized my husband has one of their cups already. :) Going to get me a water bottle. :)


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