Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today's Tutorial

Happy Tutorial Wednesday everyone and thanks so much for stoppin' by to check out what I've got to Yakkety Yak about today!  :o)

I don't know about you, but I LOVE RIBBON (and buttons and bling and and and.....LOL)
I'm always looking for something uniquely different that I can do with ribbon.  Well, today I'm going to show you how to PERFECTLY MATCH your ribbon with your projects.
How to do that you may ask?
Well, grab your favorite ribbon and a Copic Marker of your choice, a piece of thick scrap paper to keep your table clean and let's get started.

Determine how much ribbon you'll need and start coloring - I used the broad end of the marker to color.  Be sure to color on the scrap paper because the ink WILL LEAK THROUGH!

Color the amount of ribbon you need - as it dries, it will become uniform in color.

Cut the ribbon and create with it - here's the final project I created using my matching ribbon - This was for our Distressed/Shabby Chic challenge a few months back, so I just added a little ink and Voila - Shabby Chic & Distressed
Just a quick note - your ribbon will likely become a little stiffer after you color it - just be patient & work with it--you won't be sorry! 

So far I've tried it on this heavier ribbon, as well as the whispy see through ribbon (can't for the life of me think what it's called).  So, now I have a variety of white ribbon in my stash tht I can color up at a moments notice.  =)

Feel free to leave me a comment or email me if you have questions.
Thanks so much for stoppin' by for today's Bugaboo Tutorial.
Hugs & Happy Days!
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  1. I forgot about this technique. I often go without adding ribbon because it doesn't match "perfectly." Thanks for the tut and reminder! I think I need to stock up on the white as well.


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