Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our favorite little Deere!

Deere you may ask, not Dear?  We have a little man in our family, Johnny who has John Deere Green in his blood!  This little birthday boy who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow and will be 3 tomorrow and  LOVES ANYTHING that is John Deere!  And because we didn't get him anything John Deere for his birthday, we had to get that Deere in there some how.  Well, this is what we came up with and to tell you the truth, I LOVE the way this turned out - I'm not a great "BOY" card maker, but this is perfect for him!!
Image - It's a coloring book image off the internet :o)
Paper - Kraft, Green, Yellow & Black from my stash
Technique - Magic Colored Pencil Technique
Cuttlebug - Distressed Stripes
Miscellaneous - Chestnut Roan Ink, Jute & Dimensionals
Computer Generated Sentiment
I have to share too - we went to my mom and dad's to work on the farm today - Glen, Glen's mom and I.  The Grass needed to be mowed, brush needed to be cut, flower beds needed to be cleaned out, pasture fences needed to be fixed after a winter of deer running thru them.  Anyway, around 4 or so, we heard gobbling.  Now, if you don't know the gobbling story, I'll try & keep it short.  A few years ago, my mom INSISTED that she saw TURKEYS in the trees on the front part of their property - there was no alcohol involved in the seeing of the turkeys in the trees (just had to include that disclaimer).  First of all, I didn't think turkeys could fly and honestly, I've never looked into whether or not they can, or weather or not they perch in trees.  My mom didn't have her camera at the time, so presently we've written it off as urban legend that we haven't been able to confirm. 
So today, we were taking a time out.  Mower needed gas, brush cutter needed gas and we all needed a beverage.  So, we hear gobbling and realize that there were turkeys in the back field of the neighbors property.  Luckily, I had my camera and snapped a few photos.  My mom joked that she was so happy I had my camera because my dad never believed her about the turkeys.  Now I believe in the Turkeys, just still unsure about Turkeys in Trees.  We counted 7 of them - 4 male (we thing b/c they were all 'puffed' up) and 3 female.
Yep, WILD TURKEY (no, not the stuff in the bottle, lol), real feather bearing, gobblin' wild turkeys (on the ground, not in the trees).
Happy Weekend - thanks so much for stickin' around for the blah blah blah Wild Turkey story.  lol
Happy Craftin'!  Hopin' to get a little scrapbookin' in tomorrow.  I just got the CUTEST photo of my cousins little girl Alexis in the mail today - Her one year photos I can't wait to scrap!!
Happy Almost Sunday!


  1. Min, this is a fabulous and beautiful card!!
    You are so talented at cards!!
    You always know how to create uniq ue cards!!
    Love the Turkey story!!
    I'm hoping to join in on the crop at SF will have to wait and see if no dt have anything going on that same weekend!!

  2. Fabulous card Min...Johnny will love it! Love the turkey story!

  3. I can confirm that turkeys do actually get way up into trees. I have seen them with my own eyes. Your mom is spot on! hehehe

    Love that deere card!



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