Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sweet Baby News

Happy Sunday!! I can't say I've been terribly productive on the creative front this week. We were supposed to have rain all week & hot weather, but instead we've just had warm weather and no rain (except for a bit on Friday - man, I really should become a weather man - be wrong all the time & still have a job!! Must be nice!!). Anyway, Glen and I have been enjoying the summer weather out on the deck most evenings until the mosquitoes nearly carry us away.
However, my Prisma Colored Pencils and some stamped images have made it out onto the deck with me this evening and here's what we've accomplished.
I've had this card for my friend Amy who is expecting a new little bundle of joy in February. I've been meaning to mail it, but kept forgetting. So today because I was headed to Sue's Entertaining at Home Party and Amy and I were carpooling, it finally made it into her hands!
I also thought I'd share my little project from this weekend. Everything was from my stash! Of course I can't for the life of me remember where this image came from. DOH!
The Congratulations - Sweet Baby News was computer generated.
Cuttlebugged green cardstock with Swiss Dots.
Technique: Magic Colored Pencil
Yesterday and today were both pretty overcast with spitty rain and cold (65* has been the high.....). I've been in desperate need of an organization 'make-over' in my studio. The other day while I was in Target to pick up 1 thing (ended up with a cart full of stuff - - - does this happen to you?!). Anyway while I was looking for my 1 thing I found some great plastic containers with lids and canvas bins. Of course, those went into the cart too as I thought they'd work perfectly. So, yesterday I did a bit of organizing and feel like I've accomplished something! I LOVE these little bins - you wouldn't believe just how much STUFF I was able to condense!! Even better yet, I have a bit more work space on my desk in my studio. Of course, the organization is never finished, but this is a good start.
Had a fabulous day with my girlies - check out our Kaymin Kantina blog for our 'SPICY' Amy. Thanks for the great munchies Sue! Ordered some yummy stuff for a few Christmas Baskets - yep, working on Christmas gifts already.
Hope you're enjoying those last little bits of summer before the kids go back to school!
Happy Craftin'!


  1. What a CUTE card! You did a really great job! Your friend will love it!

  2. Hey - I have some of those same bins for Colin stuff. I have bigger ones in that green and smaller in white! :)

    Card even cuter in person. :)

    Spicy Amy not coming up on Kantina page. (Oh darn!)



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