Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Friend Challenge Week #3

So because this has been such a productive challenge I think we'll keep at it.
This week, we'll do another "increase your stash challenge". We'll be making 5 cards.
Keep it Simple in Threes - You can use technique, embellie, paper, etc you want but you can only use up to 3 (example - embossing, ribbon and bling or stamped sentiment outside, ribbon & stamped/digi image - you get the picture :), you must use those three elements on all 5 cards AND you can ONLY use 1/3 of your can be the middle third, the top third or the bottom third. The cards can be all the same, or they can be all different.
Might be a neat challenge to do if you're trying to come up with a little 'just in case' gift to have on hand.
Can't wait to see what you girls come up with.
Happy Monday & Happy Craftin'!


  1. Oooh....hard one. :) So...just to make sure I understand. All of your decoration and sentiment (if used on the front) have to be within that 1/3 are of the card. Right? The other area is entirely blank (solid or patterned paper I am guessing is ok in that area.) hmmm....thinking, thinking.

  2. Yes, 2/3 is blank and 1/3 has the 'stuff'. Thought I'd get your brain turning before you head back to school! :o)


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