Sunday, May 17, 2009

Graduation Celebration

Howdy there - I've been such a bad blogger this past week. My mojo has been so MIA this week, it's been unbelievable. I've also had a few client projects that I've been working on.
Our cousin John graduated from nursing school recently and last night we celebrated with he and his family with a graduation dinner. Because things have been so crazy busy around here, I considered buying a graduation card (considered), but no only could I not find one that was perfect for John, but have you seen the cards on the market lately?? I saw one card that was simply a stamped graduation cap with some glitter to 'color' in the cap and congratulations on the inside. Want to guess how much?? $4.95! I was floored!
In anycase, here's the one that I made for John. It was perfect for him. His favorite color is blue. The graduation cap is stamped in silver and embossed in silver, cut out and popped up on the front of the card. Congratulations is stamped in navy blue and embossed with clear powder. On the inside, the diploma and text is stamped in navy blue and embossed with the clear powder also.
Sorry for the scribble that I distorted. For some reason I decided to sign the card before I photographed it. Yep, it's been a blond weekend!
Hope yours have been a good one!
Happy Craftin'!


  1. There is nothing wrong with your mojo here...this is a fabulous card and I'm sure John will love it! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Personally, I never buy Hallmark cards anymore ever since I was old enough to realize they are quite insensitive if given at face value. :)

    I prefer to make my own cards because it takes some effort vs sending someone a card that others made/wrote in.

    The card is very nice, by the way. :)


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