Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Great Cause - Alzheimer's Association

As I was checking out some of my favorite blogs today, I visited Cammie's Blog and had to link it here.
Today, is World Alzheimer's Day. And like Cammie, those who suffer from Alzheimer's hold a place in my heart. My grandma passed away last April of Alzheimer's and dementia after complications. Glen's grandma passed away the previous June, also suffering with this disease. It is a terrible disease, not only for those suffering, but for the caregivers as well. It is thankless work, mentally, emotionally & physically. My mom & dad took care of my grandma before she passed away, and Glen's mom and dad visited his grandma many times each week while she was being cared for. Glen and I both experienced first hand, just how difficult and trying this disease is on everyone.
Cammie is sponsoring a $1000 Blog Candy contest on her site (, and asking that people make cards to thank caregivers of Alzheimer's patients. You can send it to someone you know who is a caregiver of a Alzheimer's patient, or, if you are lucky enough not to know anyone dealing with this disease, you can send it to a local Alzheimer's care facility in your area or check out Cammie's blog for the address of the facility her grandma was at.
So, for all your cardmakers & crafty folks out there, please support this fantastic cause - there is SOMEONE whose day would be made with a simple Thank You card!
Thanks for participating!
Wishing you Sunshine & Creativity!

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