Monday, September 15, 2008

Freezer Jam & Kittens - Chapter Two

Isn't this the most beautiful Jam?
Mom titled the jar on the left, the one the 'elephant sat on'.
My mom and I had a wonderful time this weekend!
The Freezer Jam experience alone is worthy of its own page in the ole' scrapbook! Because neither mom or I have ever made the freezer jam, we had no idea how much 'STUFF' we'd need (peaches, jars, sugar, pectin etc.). So, on our FIRST trip to Mejiers for some munchies, necessities and Jelly Jars, we thought we were set. So home we traveled (this was AFTER the trip to pick up not one, but 2 kittens--photos below, a trip to the yarn shop and a stop at Kohls).
We started peeling our peaches, cleaning the jars, boiling the lids and reading directions (good call here). So, we got our first 2 large bowls of sugar & peaches mixed together, and realized that we were going to need more pectin and and A LOT more jars too......Who would have thought that 14 pouds of peaches could make so much Jam! Hence, trip number 2 out into the monsoon rain to Kroger we went.....of course, we had to pick up more salsa and chips as we put a large dent into the one we'd picked up on the FIRST trip....
And wouldn't you know it!? They were out of the pectin, but had jars, chips & salsa. So, we picked up those things and BACK to Meijer we went (it's still raining and about 6:30).
It was a comedy of errors, but my mom and I had a good laugh all the way home.
Poor Glen - not only was the weekend a TERRIBLE football weekend, I think he officially figured out where I get my ADD - doing 25 things at once, mass chaos syndrome from!!!
We had just enough of the jars for 4 batches of Peach Freezer Jam - not enough jars for strawberry.....maybe next year.....
Okay, so on to the kitty & dad were only going to get 1 kitten. There's a wonderful Animal Care Center not too far from our house (Auburn Hills Animal Care Center for anyone who is looking for a new best friend who wants to love you....). The folks there were absolutely WONDERFUL! So, we went in and looked at the 70+ kitties they had - kittens, little-itty-bitty kitties, toddler kitties and some adult kitties too. I wanted to take them ALL home. About 1/2 way through, we found the sweetest gray & white tiger. She was waving to us from her cage. She's such a lover kitty! And boy, what a little motor she has. She's got the biggest ears and the longest tail and body and is just a sweetheart. (Glen playing with sweet kitty - he called her 'Squeeks'. She loved his wool slippers for some reason - they were fast friends!)
So, as mom is telling me, okay, no more pets, she finds a cute little black, white and brown calico kitty with a tiny face and body, and a voice that is much larger than her tiny body. She too was waving at us - mainly mom! Mom fell in love with her. (This is her Sunday after we picked her up from 'camp'. She was feeling a bit owie!).Our rational - you can't just have one kitten! So of course, I had to call my dad and tell him mom was bring two kitties home - their kitty and 'MY' new kitty who would like nothing better than to stay at mom & dad's.
My kitty had already been fixed, mom's kitty, had not, so we took one home and the other one spent the night to go to 'camp' as we call it around our house. We picked 'Cali' up Sunday afternoon.
Aren't they just the sweetest little things??
So, project wise, other than the Freezer Jam and the Kittens, I'm currently in the process of dressing 50 Mr. T dolls for 80's themed birthday invitations I'm working on. I think I made my mom chuckle when I told her I had 50 little clothes-less Mr. T's with only their boots on on my craft table. Kind of comical if you think about it! I'll be sure to post the completed invitation.
Okay, so off I go to dress the little Mr. T's!
Wishing you all a dry week (it has finally stopped raining here...), with sunshine and creativity!

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