Saturday, September 15, 2012

Caffeinated Happiness...

AND, it's in OUR KITCHEN!!!!!
My first love is iced tea - YUMMO!
But, after giving up soda, I've found a new morning addiction - COFFEE.....
Believe it or not, I was never a big coffee drinker, even in college.....
Well, life has changed!
I've gotta get my caffeine some way, right??

Well, after weeks of kicking it around, this little fellow has found his way into our kitchen and BOY is he happy!!! (and so am I =)
Isn't he cute?!

And my NEW favorite coffee??
K-Cup® Van Houtte® Cafe Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Coffee for Keurig® - 18 Count
Yep, Raspberry Chocolate Truffle.  Can you say Mmmmmmmm! =)
Hoping for some studio time today.
They're installing the new flooring in the house this week, so we've been much busy moving stuff out of the way. Nothing like a house in total Chaos for a few weeks.
The upside - SERIOUS PURGING of STUFF going on here.  =)
Hugs & Happy Days!

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  1. Wow great machine, have fun with it! I'm a real coffee-addict for many years, we've a Jura and I love straight or cappucino or a Latte Mmmmmmm.

    Hugs Amanda


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