Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A little Rain must fall…

And isn’t that how it feels when something you rely on decides it’s had enough??
So, our trusty Olympus camera FINALLY called it quits this past Friday.  GRR!  Of course, holding photos hostage that I was trying to upload.  Double GRRRR!
So, hubs and I spent part of Saturday checking out what will soon be our new arrival…..It’ll be a perfect fit into our family.  We’re pretty excited about it.  A little bigger than our previous camera, but LOVE all the features & options and PANARAMIC ability!!  Especially with our upcoming vacation!
Isn’t it cute?  =)
Only downfall?  We weren’t able to bring it home with us – Expected arrival date is Monday!
Next downfall?  Without a camera, it makes it a bit difficult to photograph or share what I’ve been working on!
DOH!  Luckily, there are a FEW things I was able to upload before the hostage situation began!  =)
I’ve been working on a photo album for my dad’s BBQ Celebration next month (I can’t remember if I’ve told you that or not).
So, here’s a layout I put together for the album =)
This is from a trip we took with my mom and dad, my cousin Eric and his friend John to Mexico a few years ago (this is where Glen and I went swimming with the dolphins).
Layout - Mexico Beach Dads Album
Kind of fun, huh?  I had so much fun crinkling and inking this layout
So, that’s what I’ve got for ya today.
However, be sure to check out The Bug Blog and see today’s new STELLA collection from Bugaboo Stamps.
Here’s a little sneek peek – see what the team did with this super snarky Stella!
Stella Vader WM
Hugs & Happy Days!
Palm Siggy

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