Monday, August 23, 2010

Marvelous Monday!

Happy Monday!!  It's a Marvelous Monday - the humidity has dropped considerably and we were FINALLY able to give the good ole AC a rest.  The windows are open and breeze is keeping things cool. 
After a busy weekend around the house (the Farm Friday - and WOW do we have green beans & tomatoes), A well needed House Cleaning on Saturday and Grocery Shopping and a yummy dinner on Sunday.  So, we're doing a little bit of catching up.
Because I'm playing catch up, of course, I have no creative things to show you today (though the Sweet Stuffed Peppers we made for dinner last night and fresh green beans were a GORGEOUS Work of Art).
HOWEVER, because today is a Marvelous Monday, Shelly's Images has a new image we're highlighting - Sandy Dreams
Isn't this just adorable?  And if you want to really be inspired, stop over and see what the girls have created.
I hope you've had a great Monday and are creating some amazing Works of Art!
I hope to be back tomorrow with a little crafty something (if not I'll be sure to share a photo of food and a yummy recipe - LOL)

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  1. You are one busy girl...I don't know how you keep up with things! Youth, isn't it wonderful. I only have memories...and these days little of! I can't wait to see what you come up with using this new set!


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