Saturday, August 14, 2010

Can you say VEGGIES?!

So we spent the day at the farm working on the deck. 
Stair railings were a success and so was veggie HARVESTING!!!
This isn't even all of what we picked.  Green beans alone I think we have 3-4 POUNDS.  Peppers, Holy WOW, I think 20 GREEN PEPPERS ALONE.  I didn't even bother counting the Banana Peppers!
So, tomorrow to celebrate our 7th Anniversary, we'll be trying our hand at canning green beans and freezing peppers!!  :)  We can't wait for the tomatoes to really start coming so we can start making Skeddie (spaghetti) sauce.  My mom in law got us this great book called "Complete Book of Home Preserving" which is just absolutely AMAZING with recipes and step by step instructions.  WOW!  Heck, once apple season starts here in Michigan, I'm going to be canning apple sauce AND apple pie filling too!! :) 
Gosh, they may have created a canning monster!!!

Just thought I'd share our little slice of veggie heaven with you!  :)


  1. YUMMO,fresh veges.......I really need to get a vege patch started!!!


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