Saturday, June 19, 2010

I See You . . . .

So today marks my dad being in the hospital for 2 weeks.  The doctors continue to run tests to rule out additional things that dad being sick with a fever COULD be.  So far no real diagnosis except a little air in his intestinal wall that they continue to watch.  We're learning a ton about your intestinal system now.  Yesterday they reinstalled a PIC line because the chemo & radiation have really done real number on my dad's veins.  Poor guy is all black & blue from the iv's that last about 24 hours. 
My dad is one of the strongest men I know and I'm so proud of him.  We just want him to get better.  We continue to pray that God gives the doctors the knowledge to treat my dad and my dad the strength to get better.  We continue to be optimistic but he's got EVERYONE perplexed right now.  Go figure!
So a funny story - Thursday afternoon my mom and I were leaving the hospital - my wonderful hubby spent the afternoon hanging out with my dad so mom and I could both spend some time at work.  The boys watched the baseball game, took a walk and just hung out.  Definitely a good day for dad.
As mom & I were getting out of the elevator, a man in a wide open hospital gown and boxer shorts goes speeding by and right out the front doors.  Shortly behind him were a string of security guards, nurses and I think even a doctor or two trying to catch this man.  They grabbed him by the gown, but he wiggled out of it and kept running.  I think eventually they caught the patient, we didn't stick around to see how it turned out. 
However, it made me wonder WHO created hospital gowns? No matter which way you wear it, SOMEONE'S gonna be seein' SOMETHIN'!  I guess it was good in this case that the patient at least had boxer shorts on, huh? (amazing what a few weeks with a family memeber in the hospital will make you think of, huh?)
With all the time we've spend with my dad in the hospital over the last 6 months, we've been so happy to see that at the Veterans hospital they let most of the residents wear what my mom calls "POW" jammies - I think they look more like scrubs with a snap down front.  Guess that tells you a little about the age difference.  They have them in multiple colors, a nice maroon, navy blue and tropical teal - very fashionable, well, at least a step up from the good ole' "ICU" gowns!
So, a combination of the above story and the last two weeks made me think of this Nurse Stella image from Bugaboo.
Just seein' this lady makes me laugh - nursing or celebrating a birthday - this is one funny Broad - can I call her a broad?  Is that sexist if a woman calls another woman a broad?  Hmmmm (the crazy and off the wall things you think about at times, huh?)  Anyway, Stella is one funny Broad!
I made this card a few weeks ago and was saving this card for when my dad has his esophagectomy, but I think after these last two weeks, he could use another grin, so this will go with me to the hospital this morning.
Papers - I've really been trying to clean out my old papers, so all these papers are scraps! :)
Technique - Magic Colored Pencil Technique
Extra STUFF - Dimensionals to pop up ICU Gown and Stella's hat,  EK Success punch, Doodling,  Studio G horse shoe stamp, Colorbox Silver Ink, Flatbacked Silver BB's
Thanks so much for stoppin' by today!  I hope everyone is doing well - my apologies for being a bad blogger lately, but you all know how family comes first.
I hope to be back at it soon - I miss my scrappy time now and then.  Plus, I'm startin to run low on funny cards for dad, so I need a chance to get caught up!  He really seems to like the funny cards!
If you think about it and could say a prayer for my dad, we would be so grateful.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Dear,

    Finally got time to write you something. Your amount of humor in these days are amazing!!! You are a power babe...
    And that card sure will make your dad smile.
    Hang in there girl... I think of you a lot lately.

  2. Min, the card is fabulous and I LOVE the ICU story. So funny. I hope your Dad starts to feel better really, really soon. He sure deserves a really long string of good days. I can't be there in person, but I am sure there in thought, prayers, and mostly heart.

    Love ya!

  3. Cute card Min, your dad will get a kick out of it. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and I hope your dad starts feeling better soon!

  4. Your card is hilarious Min !! I love it. I hope your dad feels better soon.

    Hugs Monique

  5. Min, my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. My friend back home is experiencing almost the same situation with her mother and I know it's not an easy road after watching my own father's struggle with cancer and my husbands. I wish strength for you all to endure during these tough times. And what's up with them hospital gowns, you would think after all these years, someone would come up with a better solution! What a funny card! It's sure to bring smiles! ~Love ya!, Lynn

  6. Great blog, love that story about the "ICU" gown! I sure hope your Dad is feeling better soon!


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