Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Coney Island Mystery......

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from my hubby that we had a 'BOX' on the front porch and he was perplexed and confused. It was a box of 'Perishable Hot Dogs' and 'Dry Ice' and 'Leave on Porch'.
I mention this because he was reading what was on the outside of the brown box it was shipped in........
Because it wasn't anything I'd ordered (that usually involves paper, stamps and other studio yumminess) and because the outside of the box was addressed correctly and when I say correctly, I mean that Glen's name was spelled right with one n and mine was spelled right with an i instead of a y (Mindi).
So now, we're both perplexed and of course, because I couldn't wait the 2 hours until I got home from work,  I told him to open the box and see what was inside - yep, curiosity abuses the cat in our house!
Turns out there was a letter from American Coney Island - a Coney hot spot in Detroit, telling us about the history behind the restaurant that opened in 1917.  Okay, so we're both thinking - is this some sort of marketing promotion? Yep, Great Marketing minds think alike in our house.....since there wasn't a card anywhere to be found.
Then I wondered if my nephew had been selling Coney kits as part of his fund raiser recently and I'd ordered one and forgot I ordered it - so of course I had to check with Amy and Susan to make sure I hadn't lost my marbles (lost marbles are a regular occurring thing in our house, it's usually mine that have gone missing.....).
For those of you that know my husband - and those of you who don't - HOT DOGS/CHILI DOGS are one of this man's most favorite foods in the entire world. That is an item that is a MUST GET every time we go to a baseball game (right after the bag of peanuts he shares with my dad). His mom joked when we met, were dating and got married she was so glad he'd met me because she was afraid he would eat hot dogs the rest of his life (if only she'd known that I coudln't boil water before I met my husband - we all laugh about that now!!!).
Still, we were both perplexed - no note, just the letter from American Coney Island.
Well, when I got home from work, we continued to open the box further - there MUST be a note somewhere!!!  We found the dogs and the container of chili boxed in the 'American Coney Island' kit box with dry ice, a fresh onion, a bag of buns and a hat. And you better believe we BOTH had to have a photo taken in the hat - what's that they say about things happening in life - "If it ain't in the scrapbook, it didn't happen!"
So, after STILL not finding a card, we finally called the American Coney Island headquarters inquiring - I say we, but Glen called (I read the phone number to him and he dialed & talked) trying to find out the WHO because we were obviously and totally confused.
They informed us that someone did in fact send it to us, but would have to look into WHO sent it. Of course, we couldn't enjoy these Coney Dogs until we knew who sent them......They said they'd let us know before the day was out. So like 15 minutes later we get a call that the card is tucked in the hat..........
Drumroll please.........
HA HA, you didn't think I was going to give you a quick end to the story, did you??  Especially since we spent ALL AFTERNOON yesterday trying to figure out where these things came from........
I'm not going to tell you today - instead, I'm going to have a little "Coney Contest".  Because this will end up on a scrapbook page in our album, leave me a comment with
WHO you think sent them and a title for the scrapbook page
I'll reveal WHO sent the package this Friday.  For everyone who participates, I'll put your name in a drawing and pick one lucky winner to receive some yummy scrappy goodness and maybe if you ask real nice, my hubby will share one of the Coney Dogs with you too!
How's that for a Coney, I mean, Corney Contest?
Happy Craftin'!


  1. Umm, I guess your mother in law & a title... Mystery Meat (lol)

  2. I'm gonna say it came from your god child...

  3. I'm gonna say your Mom & Dad as a "thank you" for all you've done through his illness????
    The title???hmmmm.....

  4. Like Amy, I was going to say your mom and dad, because you did so much for them while he was sick. But, his mom is the one that joked about the hot dogs. Hhhhmmmm . . . I'll say your dad! How fun, and what a very cool gift! Where's the pics?

    Coney Conspiracy for the page title!!

  5. I think your Mother in Law sent them.

    My title suggestion

    Relish Today .......Ketchup Tomorrow.



  7. I will guess that your in laws sent the package. As for a about...A Coney Island Mystery.

  8. I think it was your mother in law!

    And I'm terrible at titles! I'd probably end up with "Hot Dogs" or something! LOL!

  9. LOL...Oh my gosh Min, what a cute CUTE story! I'll bet it came from your mom and dad but don't ask me for a title, because I'm lousey at that sort of thing. I will check back tomorrow to see who sent them. Have a great evening and I'll see you tomorrow!

  10. No man is an island, but to have an island, er box, of Coney's...well Glen must've thought "Hot Diggety Dog"! And as a footnote, "Dog Gone Delicious!"

    Great story!



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