Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Felted Slippers

So, on top of scrapbooking, card making & my mini albums, I also knit.  A few years ago when both my mom & I were 'relearning' how to knit, we'd try to take a class together each fall or winter.  One winter about 6 or 7 years ago, my mom and I took a Felted Slipper Knitting class.
I think everyone thought we were looney when we brought home a 'slipper' that looked like something a clown in a circus would wear.  However, because they were knit with wool, you throw them in the washer and guess what happens?  Yep, they shrink up like sheep in the rain and into something FABULOUS!!!
So, every few years, after the recipients wear the bottoms out, I start from the beginning and make everyone a pair of felted slippers for Christmas.  My dad and Glen usually get a new pair each Christmas.  My dad usually wears his out in 8 months, so it's gotten to be a funny gift between he and I.  This year I'm making 21 pair, hence getting started on CHRISTMAS gifts in September........
So, here's my start -

I made two pair last week (the purple & green) and have begun the first pair for this week.  I've made 6 pair in the last few weeks (I usually knit while we watch tv in the evening or sports.  My mom and I have also been known to take our knitting to football games, baseball games and pretty much any place else we can 'get away' with it.  You wouldn't believe the conversations we end up in with other people wondering what we're doing......:).
So, this is a slipper from the side, prior to felting - you can see the stitches much more than the second photo below.  This one is about 16" from end to end, just to give you an idea how they shrink down.

This is the felted slipper from the side (my mom made me these last winter).  I wear a 7 1/2 ish just to give you an idea of size.  They are the warmest slippers I think any of us have ever had and we haven't had a complaint from anyone yet.

 So, that's the story of the felted slippers. 
Hope you're having a great day!
Happy Craftin'!


  1. Min they look so cosy, I can see you getting a lot of orders after showing them on here. Love all the different colours. You are a gem.

    Kaye x

  2. Kaye took the words right out of my mouth...cozy cozy cozy...makes me want hot cocoa and a snow day...!

  3. oooh....you have quite a collection going. :)

    I love the purple slippers!

  4. Yeah, the lavender varigated ones look like they'll come out a really pretty color. In my cleaning I found two pairs I started and have never finished. Doh!


  5. Ooooh they look so warm on a cold night! You've really got your work cut out for you to do 21 pair by Christmas. I started to knit a blanket for my sister in law's baby BEFORE my oldest son was born. My son turned 35 in July and the blanket isn't finished yet...does that tell you anything? Have a great day Min!

  6. Min, Those slippers are just so pretty! What a wonderuful gift to to give to others!
    I love that Cosmo Cricket line so much!! I have bought 3 of several of the papers in that line!
    I still haven't take a picture of dd sunflower! I will probably take it on Thursday and post it on my blog. I will let you know when I have it posted. I did a quick drawing so its not as pretty as yours! I forgot to mention I did get 4 distressing slides it came with it! Thanks for reminding me so when I shop I can look for some more!
    See you over at the next blog hop!!


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