Friday, December 26, 2008

Gifts A Glow!

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas with your family and friends. We had a super busy but wonderful day with our families.
As promised, here are a few photos of just SOME of the projects I'd been working on for family and friends for Christmas.
I'd seen a few of these neat glass block projects that some talented ladies have created, but it wasn't until my Sis Shelly showed me a photo of one that she'd created did I decide I was on a mission to create a few unique glowing gifts.
With a little time, Cricut Design Studio and the materials (Wall Pops vinyl, Glass Blocks, a string of Christmas lights, Ribbon and Vellum), I was off and designing!
This was the first block I created - The Angel was designed by me with Design Studio. This gorgeous block was for my wonderfully sweet mother-in-law who loves angels and is an angel to many!)

This block was created for my mom. I love the swirls and the ribbons I found for these blocks. Heck, I never knew I could make these gorgeous ribbons.
I have to thank my sis Shelly for the next two photos. She shared with me the beautiful holly design, which I used for two of Glen's aunts. The second blue & white block (I made 2 of these also for Glen's two cousins, Geanine & Barb). I used Shelly's design and modified the holly & berries with snowflakes as both cousins have kids and snowflakes and kids just seem to go great together.
I was so pleased with how all of these turned out and EVERYONE (the receivers & other family & friend onlookers), absolutely loved these little works of art. My mom loved them so much that she and my dad headed to the home improvement store this morning to find me some more pre-drilled glass blocks to create and sell in her embroidery store.
Well, Glen was nice enough to get me some orgainzational cubes for my studio for Christmas so I think we'll put these little buggers together now so I can get to organizing my studio - as this is what it looked like after all the projects I've been finishing......
Can you say yikes what a chaotic mess?! (this is not usually how I work, I'm a bit OC about organization. . . . . which you obviously can't tell from this photo!)
The painting on the wall of the Tiger eyes is one that my mom did for me. Guess you can see where I get my creativity from. :)
Tomorrow I'll post a photo of the Family Album I did for my cousin Eric & John.
Happy Crafting! Min


  1. Bless Your Heart! No power and yet the creativity blossoms and blossoms!
    I recvd my Cricut and have been staring at the box for two days, wondering, now what???

    Love the glass do you do these?

    Happy New Year to you and Glen!


  2. Hi Deb - Happy New Year!! To do these blocks, you need to get your cricut out of the box!! :)
    Maybe after the first of the year, you and your cricut come over for dinner and we can tinker.
    Hope you and Kerry have a great evening and a prosperous New Year!!!
    Min & Glen

  3. Wow - didn't know you were doing the glass blocks. Those are beautiful!

  4. Min, these are beautiful! I love the "Believe" with holly...what a neat idea!!! Susan


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