Friday, November 14, 2008


just what appears out of nowhere when you move the furniture, isn't it?
So these little black & yellow babies disappeared, maybe a year ago or so. I looked and looked, thinking I was crazy and they were someplace I was just completely overlooking.
Imagine my surprise when the sofa was moved today so the carpets could be cleaned for the holiday what we unearthed?! Uno Attack cards (this is something we play with on a regular basis with my Godson Colin - he's 3 and loves the way the cards shoot out), a ballpoint pen that had disappeared into 'sofa oblivion', my Mexico bracelet, a knitting needle, needle markers and several other odds and ends, along with the dust bunnies that call the sofa home.
So, tell me, what have you lost and magically located when the furniture was moved?
Well, I've finally made it to my craft desk and am hoping to make some creative progress while I wait for the carpets to dry a bit.
I had a chance to chat with one of my favorite friends Shelly today and she has inspired me to get moving on our Christmas cards. Thanks Shel!
I hope you have a wonderfully creative weekend! If you're in the Michigan area, bundle up, they're talking about 1-3 tomorrow night. Brrrr, Grrrrrr!

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