Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!! =)

Happy Mother's Day to my Mama, my hubby's Mama (my 'nother mama) and my friend Holly who is a Soon-to-Be Mama - and of course, all the other wonderful Mom's out there!
Without Mom's - where would be be?  Probably running low on manners, in need of a shower and clean change of clothes and maybe, quite possibly a bit hunger.
So, if you're a mom - THANK YOU for all you do for your friends & families!

My apologies for being a slacker this week - I started a new job this past Monday (that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!) and with all the new stuff that I've been trying to absorb, most of my brain cells are way too fried by the time I finally get home to do much of anything but eat dinner and go to bed.

Hopefully, this week will be a bit different - Week 2!

However, to make up for my being MIA - I thought I'd share with you one of our sunset photos from our trip to St. Pete Beach.
This was the view from our balcony - EVERY night!

We had a blast and actually attended our very first Food Truck Rally!  =)  My hubby and I enjoyed it so much we can't wait for the next one we can take advantage of!  =)

Wishing you or your Mama a VERY happy Mother's Day!
Hugs & Happy Days!

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