Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A little Layout....

Because this past weekend was a "panty waste" weekend (thanks Cely for my new favorite phrase of the week), I didn't spend a ton of time in my studio - instead my hubby and I and a few of our friends enjoyed the sunshine and tye dyed a BUNCH of clothing (looks like a tshirt booth at A Grateful Dead concert our backyard with all the tye dye).

However, I have another layout I did for my dad's album to share with you.
Yep, that's my mom and dad on their wedding day. 

Thanks for stoppin' by today!
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  1. Beautiful scrapbook page. Now I need to rethink and maybe do something like this for myself and husband. Hahaha...Panty waste! Are you going to show us some pics of your tie-dyes?


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