Friday, December 14, 2012

A Yummy Bugaboo Gift Giving Idea!

Happy Bugaboo Gift Giving Friday!

This is the time of the year when I make a CRAZY amount of homemade chocolates. So, today, I thought I'd share with you my cute little Mint Chocolate Covered Pretzel bucket. Complete with a super cute Bugaboo Stamps Kitchen Gingers Tag.
 Close Up of the tag 
I'll give you a little crash course on makin' these yummy homemade chocolate covered pretzels - might save you lots of $$ in Christmas gifts when your family and friends get a tastin' of these. My Mother in Law and Brother in Law BOTH have said the only thing they want for Christmas is my homemade chocolates. :)
Here are the items you'll need to get started
1 Bag of Small Pretzel Twists
1 pound bag of Dark Mint Chocolate Wafers (you can get this at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn)
Festive Cupcake Sprinkles
1 pair of tongs, Microwave safe bowl, Wax paper, Cookie sheet & Air-Tight storage container

I use this fabulous Wilton Chocolate melting pot which is super fantastic. Years ago, we used a plug-in skillet filled with water to keep the chocolate warm. Ah, times are a changin'! =)

Each 1 pound bag of chocolate will make about half a large back of pretzels. So if you want to use the whole bag of pretzels, you'll want to get 2 pounds of chocolate.

Melt chocolate according to package directions.

Once melted, place a managable amount of pretzels in chocolate (I usually do 5 at a time so they don't get soggy). Cover pretzels in chocolate and then tap off excess holding pretzels with tongs. Place wet pretzel on wax paper covered cookie sheet. Continue until all pretzels are out of the bowl.

Sprinkle with festive sprinkles, repeat process until you run out of chocolate or pretzels.

If the chocolate starts to harden, feel free to stick back into microwave and warm. If you have a double boiler or chocolate warmer, you can also use these methods to keep your chocolate warm.

Let chocolates dry/harden for a bit. Store in air-tight container until ready to use.

It takes a little time, but I just love making these - there's just something about homemade chocolates!!

Next up - Homemade Chocolate Covered Cherries and Chocolate Covered Peppermint Marshmallows

Here's to happy Holidays spent with friends and family.
Hugs & Happy Days!


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  1. I have mad a crazy amount of homemade candy too this year. Thanks for sharing this darling idea.
    Nancy P


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