Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cooking + Crafting + Gift Giving = Happiness

Since I met my husband, I found a love in cooking.  We both love to cook.  He makes some amazing food - for instance, this past Saturday when we had our Turkey Day After Dinner, he and his brother made the most FABULOUS beef tenderloin.  I usually like my beef medium well or well -  I'm not a big fan of pink, or red and mooing.  Well, I had my first medium tenderloin this weekend with a fabulous horseradish sauce he made.  Can you say YUMMO!?

When I was single, my family joked that my idea of cooking was 6 minutes on high (I could boil water and make the pasta in a bag!!)  Both my mom and mother in law are WONDERFUL cooks, so I've had two great ladies to learn from.  I LOVE recipe books, recipe magazines and some fabulous recipe sites I've found.

So imagine my elation when I found this website - it combines my love for cooking with gift giving and crafting.  Our Best Bites.  Can you say FABULOUS!!

If you have time, check it out!!
Happy Craftin'!

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  1. Thanks for the link to that blog. Just checked it out and was excited to see the fruity candy popcorn. My aunts used to make something like that in my youth and I looooved it.



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